Scorpio Moon Power

This full moon in Scorpio has turned my entire world inside out in ways unexpected. As one of the Astrologers I’ve watched mentioned about my sign specifically, this period will feel like a “ripping off the bandage” and it has been exactly that. One where I am faced with the decision to completely move on after being put on blast by the Universe or spiral back down into fear and unnecessary negativity. Of course I choose to harbor more love and truth!

The death card wasn’t lying, neither was the tower about being completely thrown over, ego and all.. oh and the moon card, I had only received all three of them countless times but I still didn’t see this coming in the way that it did.
The moon being in my sun sign felt like putting a direct mirror in front of my face screaming FAACE IT! And oh did I.. every single fucking bit of me that I kept hidden in suppression. The Astrologers weren’t lying about the intensity of this specific moon. It has been the most extreme breakthrough I’ve experienced yet and I had the pleasure to be with my partner Christopher who was equally feeling every bit. I say pleasure because of the end result but while we were in the shit, going in circles with nonsense, it was rough.. the “demons,” didn’t want to purge but we managed to pull it all out with the support of love.

Freedom from the shackles of our inner dark world felt like weights being lifted. All secrets revealed from the mucky waters of our consciousness. Making the unseen seen, as we shine the light on every shadow.
I bursted into tears, crying for the women that came before me as I release this collective pain that cut me so deep and took a toll on my everyday life.
Little did I know that freedom was around the corner. It took everything out of me yet filled me with more light than ever.

I now feel completely liberated from the lower energies of pain, confusion, fear, blame, hate and such heavier energies that were hard to shake. Christopher was my mirror and I was his, there was no way around not seeing at this point because neither one of us were going to let anything slide. Tough love was present as we each held it down strong for an open space for true healing and purging to take place. At this point I can never see myself going back and I truly have this unforgettable full moon to thank. I also thank my Spirit guides for being patient with my kicking and screaming ass, so fearful of moving on in ways I could never have imagined before.
All I can feel is immense love and gratitude for the ego shattering experience, getting lit the fuck up by the Divine because it believes in our growth as individuals, and a family unit.

Artwork by: @merytutart


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