A remembrance of sisterhood

When you are able to see and feel yourself in another woman, mother or cosmic friend; a recognition takes place at the core. Sisters of the stars; this celestial bond is pure. It is said that when these sisters of the stars come together again we can move mountains. We shake the entire world of what it’s ever known. Oh, and I believe and know in my heart that this is to be taking place now during this Age of Light.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve craved sisterhood. One of which I didn’t feel alone with on a soul level like I have for the majority of this lifetime.  In my early 20s this feeling became stronger as I began to step more onto my spiritual path of self discovery, remembering and inner healing. The call to heal the Divine feminine and come together with other wombyn of soul resonance was loud. That is when I chose to be in periods of isolation; to reconnect with those lost parts of myself. I realized that I must first rediscover the connection with the inner sister soul.

An experience I had that I won’t forget is one that triggered the knowing of my sister soul tribe. I was doing an open eyed meditation some years back while looking into the mirror. As my third eye sensory center started to activate, I focused in and to my surprise what was reflected back to me was myself surrounded by what seemed like Hindu Goddesses. I wasn’t for sure that it was Hindu, but the style of these women and myself even was very fancy and elegant. Much like the picture I chose for this post.
I began to move slowly as I felt guided to dance and as I moved with the energy, these Goddesses moved with me as one. I felt the presence of my sisters!

How I’ve recognized my soul sisters whom I have met in this lifetime is by not only seeing myself in them but seeing all of them in one. It’s quite the experience, much like how family members resemble each other but even deeper than that. On a soul level I see all sisters merged into one.

After receiving so many signs, messages, flashbacks and inner feelings of having such sisterhood soul bonds exist; I knew that I wanted to manifest these connections into this life once again.

I believe there are a few factors in manifesting these powerful bonds. One of the most important being the healing of the “inner child and mother wound.” Which is one of the main issues causing women AND men to feel disconnected from their inner divine femininity/ability to self nurture. Feeling such a disconnect causes one to feel disconnected from themselves and others; having issues with trusting true heart connections; which I’ve experienced a few times during this awakening process.

True heart connections trigger out all fears of abandonment and loss that is deeply ingrained from all previous lives. The pain of feeling alone causes the illusion of disconnection with one’s Source. I’ve witnessed this take place with soul family. The love that is present is beyond intense, beyond REAL; that the heart is triggered open, causing all pain to come to the surface. In most cases we fear such love, shutting back down and closing off; creating as much walls and barriers that we can. How can such love be real? I cannot tell you how many times I’ve experienced this and how heavy the heart has been due to my past inabilities to fully open up and trust the divine love that is present in previous moments.

It wasn’t until this year, after four years of manifesting true sisterhood that I have been blessed to experience my heart manifestations come to fruition. After focusing on healing those deep inner wounds; I’ve begun to feel that inner merge with the Great Mother/Divine Feminine; feeling very one with the energy of creation and allowing it to guide me more and more. I felt more ready than ever to attract these heart connections into my life as I began to feel more whole and complete; confident in my energy and ability to be more and share love with those who resonate.

Moving to my new home state New Mexico six months ago, little did I know that I would have initiation after initiation; soon becoming pregnant as I continued the process of unfolding at a rapid pace. This move and pregnancy changed everything. My gifts are re-emerging and I am able to set pure intentions for the life I wish to create with my soul family. My manifestations were powerful enough at this point; with the pregnancy amplifying my ability to bring fourth my creative energy for channeling. I was lit and ready for “action,” in the seemingly most smallest of ways that will create a huge impact.

The instagram page “TheMothershipWombyn” came to me while in the deep void of transformation. It is one of the manifestations for reconnecting with the Goddess tribe/energy. I have felt blessed to come together with other Wombyn sharing the same vision that had came to mind and heart and we are all still blossoming through it. I believe that the coming together of this page with soul sisters was somewhat like a gateway to diving deeper into ourselves; further purging out and becoming our greatest versions with the shared love, support and expression of the Goddess. I began to remember more; with the activations from connecting with these wombyn and the expansion that was gifted through such coming together.

A few weeks ago I took a step back knowing that the healing process was one that came in waves. As my dreams were becoming more intense, I saw the places where I needed to further heal. After an experience of chaos I decided to do these powerful karma clearing meditations of which I was gifted. Well, I’ll say I was actually guided in the middle of the night when Spirit decided to wake me up to the sound of the meditations magically playing out loud on my phone. I knew that was a sign and I responded right way. I had felt such a release within my body and energy field. I set my intentions powerfully to clear all the connections that no longer served me; bringing in all the ones that do. Later that day I received a message from a soul sister who lives in the SAME city!

Can you say wow? Do you see the magic of Spirit responding to the energy that one puts out. I share this because my experience that day with this soul sister was one of the most important divine meetings of my life.

As I described earlier in my expression about the ways of which I recognize soul sisters; all was present with this one. I saw myself. I saw all sisters in one; flashbacks, tears, memories through shared feelings and experiences in this life and others. I have reunited with my soul sister tribe in physical form! Synchronicity after synchronicity like none other. Spirit had created this divine meeting of the heart and souls once again. Oh and the amazing thing is, we are BOTH pregnant at the same time!!! If that isn’t magic idk what is? If one cannot believe in God/Goddess/True Love/Source/Soul family connections after such an experience, than idk what’s real? Because I’ll tell you that this life is beyond anything one can imagine.. or actually everything you imagine AND more.. infinite possibilities and blessings through believing and trusting in the unknown. I share my magic, my experiences of great truth and wisdom knowing that this deserves to be felt by all who wishes to read.

Life is magic just as you are.. we exist at a time where everything and anything is possible my friend, be the magic, and share the magic with the world!


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