The mirror dream

From the feelings and impressions I had received through the consciousness of the dream state, I had been on a mission to travel back in time to a crime scene. This crime scene wasn’t just any incident but one that hit me hard, one that I seemed to be deeply connected to. I had already known what took place and had seen it like as if I had watched a movie of the entire story, and those who it effected.
I was angry at the murderer, so angry and when I was shown the bloody crime scene, blood smeared all over the walls, the evidence of such terror that took place, I could hardly catch myself. How could a person do such a thing to the ones I loved? Despite the relationship I had with these people, they were dear to my heart. I didn’t have the chance to tell them how much I loved them, and why did I allow the blocks in my heart to exist during their time.
I walked into another room to find the murderer, looking around at what seemed like my belongings, in tears, fear and just lost….
He looked into my eye and as he did, a feeling struck me of knowing. Who was this man, I couldn’t contain the energy within me and I unleashed it all out on him but why did I feel sorry at the same time. I ran out of the house in disbelief, gathering myself I thought, am I the murderer? Was that me!? It felt as if the eyes carried the soul, a reflection of my own.
After awakening from the dream, I became conscious of the unconscious influences we as a collective have on murderers and those who commit terrible crimes, even the effect on our current president for example. I’ve come to realize much from what this dream was showing me, much of my personal influence on others whom I’m closely connected to even. We all have harbored negative energy, and feelings towards others to some degree, much of which may be unconscious like myself. We have our judgments and opinions and no matter if we THINK they are valid, sometimes these feelings can contribute to harmful attacks.
The two people in the dream, are ones in this lifetime whom I love dearly but do not agree with the choices they’ve made/energy they’ve chosen to be a part of, creating much distance. I wasn’t aware of my personal feelings blocking the true love that I have for these souls. It’s almost like wishing bad energy towards another when you cannot accept their life choices as their own/ have compassion and understanding of another’s path. I do not wish to be a part of projecting negative energy onto anyone, ever… seeing that energy is energy, and we effect people more than we realize. We are the creators of those brothers and sisters who act out the bad, and I say this because as a collective we need to face our own darkness that no one is exempt from. Why do murderers exist, pedophiles, the mentally ill, and the racist? What is it that WE as a collective need to face to heal the world of such people embodying the dark/heavy/misunderstood energy that exists within all?
I’ve come to my own personal conclusion that it’s better to not even have an opinion if it’s not healthy, rather see all through the eyes of love. In truth we are all equals here and judgment is what creates separation and hatred, we see it happening all over the world. If we can just step back and become conscious of the energy we put out, we will see that sometimes its unnecessary stemming from our own beliefs and contributing to the violence and pain that we don’t want. Just as words are potent, thoughts and feelings are equally as powerful, making it vital to be conscious of the energy we put out towards another. Hating on another stems from our own self hatred, you cannot blame another for the way you feel inside, and this is why world healing starts with each individual.

Thanks for reading

photo by: Rachel Elise


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