What is my freedom?

A large breasted woman shopping in a grocery store braless with cold nipples

Painting naked women while being that naked woman out in the wilderness, not a care if she’s being seen

Shamelessly fantasizing, allowing the mind and heart to take me on the wildest internal ride

Owning my darkness as I creatively express

Sleeping forever

Dancing and singing to favorite songs that happen to play in the store

Talking and listening to the trees

Walking barefoot through the dampened grass

Laying out in the middle of a field at a crowded park

Saying “fuck you,” because my intuition is just too good

Losing interest over and over again

Walking out of a job where you don’t belong without a word to a single soul

Contacting a person whom you have a heart connection with just to say, “I love you, I miss you.”

Dancing in the bathroom mirror, while gazing into your own eyes for as long as it takes to come undone

Moving to another state because I want to

Breathing into this vessel until I feel like I belong

Expressing the heart to someone I’ve never met

Giving the tightest hug until my heart bursts and the souls meet

Making up lyrics to my own beat

Laughing the ugliest laugh

Dressing like a “bum.” Being a bum?

Driving with no idea where to

Having no limits on pleasure, being open to experiencing heightened pleasure

Sitting in silence until the moment I break

Making mistakes that aren’t actually mistakes

Sharing my truth with my child

Saying goodbye to those I feel necessary

Getting lost alone in nature

Communicating with animals

Sun gazing

Letting go








(( Being ))





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